Profit and Loss Calculator

This App will show you the number of product units required to sell in order to make specific profit. It also says number of product units that you must sell in order to bring the business to cover all your expenses.

Enter your fixed and variable costs, the selling price per unit and the number of units expected to be sold. Now click the "Calculate" button to see the results with details in chart table.

Now take your decision wisely ...

➡️ App Features
❶ 100% Free app. There is no 'in-app purchase' or Pro offers. Free means absolutely free for life time.
❷ Offline app! You have full freedom to use the app without Wi-Fi.
❸ Beautiful eye-catching design.
❹ App uses little phone space and works fine with low memory.
❺ You can share easily with your friends and family using Share button.
❻ Low battery consumption! The app is optimized to use the battery wisely.

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