A2Z information about your provided text

This tool shows you the statistics of your provided text with

🔵   Length,
🔵   Words,
🔵   Sentences,
🔵   Lines,
🔵   Paragraphs,
🔵   Ascii Characters (0-127),
🔵   Extended Ascii Characters (127-255),
🔵   All Ascii Characters,
🔵   Unicode Characters (255+),
🔵   Word statistics and
🔵   Character statistics. 



➡️  App Features
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❷  Offline app! You have full freedom to use the app without Wi-Fi.
❸  Beautiful eye-catching design.
❹  App uses little phone space and works fine with low memory.
❺  You can share easily with your friends and family using Share button.
❻  Low battery consumption! The app is optimized to use the battery wisely.
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